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Invitation for Proposals on Sexual and Reproductive Health Iniquities

The UNFPA Arab States Regional Office is in the process of selecting implementing partners (IPs) and is calling for proposals from organizations including Non- Governmental (NGO) and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) and qualifying Academic Institutions for the implementation of a new Regional Programme for the period of January 2018 – December 2021. UNFPA defines Implementing Partner (IP) as “the entity to which the Executive Director has entrusted the implementation of UNFPA programme activities specified in a signed document, along with the assumption of full responsibility and accountability for the effective use of UNFPA resources and the delivery of outputs as set forth in such programme documentation.”

The proposals are being sought from organizations that are qualified to deliver on programmes in the following area:

Sexual and Reproductive Health Iniquities

Proposals are required from organizations capable of generating evidence that assists in analyzing the social and structural foundations of Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) related inequities. The programme is foreseen to be implemented in a maximum of five countries representing the diversity of socio-economic development situation in the Arab region. The proposal focuses on inequities related to the different elements of sexual and reproductive health, therefore, sector scope is not limited to ministries of health. It should include civil society, ministries of social development, women, families, communities and relevant stakeholders and development partners. Given the nature of the topic, the bidder should have access to local representation and expertise to facilitate reaching out to national partners and stakeholders.

Organizations that wish to participate in this Invitation for Proposals are requested to send their submission through email or mail clearly marked “ Invitation for Proposals #2 SRH Inequities” at the following address:

By 9 January 2018

Proposals received after the date may not be accepted for consideration.

Sections C and D of Annex A must include the following:

- Clear outline of countries of focus and the research methodology

- Detailed budget breakdown

- Proposal should not exceed US$125,000

- Applications must be submitted in English.

Any requests for additional information must be addressed in writing by 1 week before deadline for submissions at the latest to UNFPA will post responses to queries or clarification requests by any applicants who submitted, on UNFPA ASRO website before the deadline for submission of applications.

UNFPA shall notify applying organizations whether it is considered for further action.

           For those interested in submitting proposals in the areas of Sexual and Reproductive Health Iniquities, kindly access the attached document for further details on the invitation for proposal, requirements and how to submit proposals.