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UNFPA flash update: Tripoli response

Since 4 April 2019, escalating clashes have affected Tripoli and surrounding areas in Libya leaving hundreds of thousands of women in need of humanitarian assistance. Over 400,000 women and girls are directly affected by the conflict and at heightened risk of abuse, including 37,440 women of reproductive age who are in need of immediate humanitarian assistance.

As of 10 May 2019, 62,700 individuals have been displaced: 34,000 of them received some form of humanitarian assistance, leaving a gap of 46%. Women and girls who have fled their homes require specific support with basic personal items to maintain their health and dignity while being displaced. Increased levels of psychosocial stress have been reported among displaced people.

UNFPA is working on the ground to support the affected population through the humanitarian crisis including by assisting pregnant women, distributing dignity kits and providing psychological support for displaced persons.