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UNFPA hereby solicits a quotation for the following service with full detailed descriptions as per the attached TOR:


UNFPA YOUTH PORTAL, Youth Platform (Minassaty) & Digital Tool


            I.         UNFPA YOUTH PORTAL, Youth Platform (Minassaty):


Portal Specs

  1. Languages: multilingual. Arabic, English, and French are covered in the current phase.
  2. Access: information is available to all. Registration is not required for normal viewing
  3. SEO: content framework will be SEO ready to enhance the possibility of search engine traffic to the portal.
  4. Layout: responsive to meet the standards of mobile browsing.

Suggested technologies and languages used:

An open-source technology stack is expected to be used for developing the proposed platform. Here is a partial list of technology that is expected to be used:

  • Off-the-shelf Content Management System (e.g. Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, etc)
  • Web Development Language (e.g. GO, PhP, Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.)
  • Database (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, etc.)
  • User Interface: HTML5, Bootstrap and JQuery


More detailed platform technical info

  1. Meta Tags to be implemented on the web pages level.
  2. Robots.txt and Sitemap.xml files to be hosted at the root of the website.
  3. The website speed performance to be high as an important factor to test and evaluate in (GTmetrix) website as “Google friendly” and to be determined on high rank on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). SEO
  4. The content of the web pages to be structured according to an optimized tree of tags.
  5. To optimize the URL structure to allow us to present meaningful URLs for search engines by integrating terms and detect a web page theme.
  6. Adjust the website content to mobile devices and make it visible and easier to read.
  7. Website images to be optimized properly to get a good position in the results with an image linked to the activity for the assurance of acquiring qualified and potentially important traffic in the search.
  8. Use keywords related to each category for optimizing the search.
  9. Google analytics script must be implemented to analyze the website traffic performance.
  10. To be able to gather data and add filters such as Gender, Age, Region, Area of Interest etc, in order


·       To integrate the system with the UNFPA website.

·       The general users are expected to authenticate to the platform. It is preferred that they authenticate using their credentials from one of the popular social media platforms (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.). Therefore, integration with popular social media authentication platforms


 II.         Digital Tool:


The project serves primarily to showcase YFS Educational Content and list existing Youth Friendly Services in the Region, but also create a continuous YFS onboarding system.

The Tool Development company will:


  • Design the “Shabab IT” Brand and Visuals, and the Tool: Logo, Social Media Post Templates, Website, and Mobile Tool Visuals, High Fidelity Prototype of Web and Mobile Apps…
  • Develop the Web Digital Tool: A Web Progressive and Responsive Platform with Login Capacity.
  • Develop the Mobile Digital Tool: Mobile App for Offline Visioning of Educational Content (Video, Infographics, ToolKit). On Android and IOS, either Native or Full-Stack JavaScript.

 Note, - - Online Personal Use: Youth with direct access to the internet anywhere in the region can browse the platform through the Web or Mobile Version for educational content and, listed Youth Friendly Services, and share their feedback and ratings. - Offline personal use: Youth with limited physical internet access can download an offline version of educational content for subsequent offline use. - Offline Group/Youth Space Use: Youth in underprivileged communities (e.g. refugees, immigrants, rural dwellers, etc) lacking internet can access the Web version of Shabab It at Youth and Sports Centres, NGOs, Youth Initiatives, and other local partner-run locations


  • Mobile app available on mobile app stores for Android and apple
  • Setup Maintenance for 3 years.
  • Language: Arabic, French, and English.

Deadline for submission :  Tuesday 30 November 2020at 4pm Cairo time.

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Namof contact persoat UNFPA:

Ola El Guebaly

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