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UNFPherebsolicits a quotatiofor thfollowing itemwith full detailed descriptions:


Seven infographic reports (in English and Arabic each):

  • Each report is featuring a condensed version, including main highlights and figures, of the respective full report
  • The design of the seven infographics should follow the same layout, design, icons and concept of the first 7 infographics.
  • Each infographic will have its own colour code following UNFPA’s colour palette.


The vendor should be able to:

  • Read and analyse the data of 7 full country reports in English and Arabic to transform them into 7 country infographics (in English and Arabic versions each).
  • Design the 7 infographics using the same design/artwork of the first batch of the infographics.


Production Notes:


·The selected vendor is committed to incorporating multiple rounds of edits (one to two rounds of review of each infographic’s content, and one to two rounds of review for the design). Based on prior experience, up to four rounds of edits might be necessary until each infographic report can be cleared.

·The selected vendor is committed to replicating the design and use the pre-existing artwork in order to match the design of the 7 infographic reports with the already existing ones.


Deadline for submission : Thursday, 22 October 2020at 4pm Cairo time.

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Namof contact persoat UNFPA:

Ola El Guebaly

Email address ocontacperson: