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UNFPherebsolicits a quotatiofor thfollowing itemwith full detailed descriptions:


Production of two advocacy videos as tool to promote Population and development composite Index (PDCI)


Two animation infographic videos in Arabic with English subtitles that utilizes compelling creative visual infographic to animate the main content of the PDCI technical report.:


  1.  Long version (5 minutes)
  2. Short version (2 minutes)

The video will include an interview with UNFPA ASRO Regional Director located in Cairo/Egypt.


Production Notes:

  • The selected vendor will conduct the interview with UNFPA ASRO RD.
  • The vendor is committed to incorporate multiple rounds of edits.
  • The project is managed by UNFPA ASRO communication team, but it will also involve multiple rounds of approval lines including the Population and Development team involved in the production.
  • Multiple sources of input and feedback means multiple rounds of edits are inevitable.
  • The vendor is committed to provide music (including third-party music if needed), voice over, graphic effects, colouring and sound editing and mixing, subtitles, translation services as needed, and any other requirements to produce excellent quality videos.

More details available on the attached Terms Of Reference (TOR)

Deadline of submission:   11 October 2020
Email for submission: