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Highlights of UNFPA response: 

Over 4,000 male and female dignity kits containing information on cholera prevention were distributed to women and girls in Sana'a Governorate including in areas with high numbers of suspected cholera cases.

A total of 773 multi-sectoral services were provided for gender-based violence survivors in July with the highest being forpsychosocial support services and health services.

A total of 16,303 ( Men: 841, Women: 8709, Boys: 1789, Girls: 2134) benefited from mobile clinics reproductive health services in the governorates of Aden, Al Bayda,Al Hudayda, Amanat Al Asimah, Amran, Hadramut, Ibb, Lahj, Sana'a & Taizz.

More than 1,300 people were reached with awareness raising sessions on gender-based violence in July, which included awareness raising on the role of women in the prevention of cholera.