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The Regional Situation Report for the Syria Crisis offers a bird’s eye view of UNFPA’s operations within the context of the Syria Crisis. The report is prepared by the UNFPA Regional Syria Response Hub in Amman, Jordan, and spans operations conducted by UNFPA offices in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt, in addition to operations conducted inside Syria and managed from cross-border Turkey.


In addition to providing aggregated quantitative results for each country involved in UNFPA’s regional Syria response, this report also brings stories from the field that highlight the plight of communities inside Syria and in host countries, in addition to underscoring the positive impact of the response services provided by UNFPA in the areas of sexual and reproductive health, gender-based violence, youth, and others. As of February 2020, the report also covers UNFPA’s efforts to ensure continuity of operations throughout the Syria crisis region during the COVID-19 pandemic.


During February 2021, Syria faces an unprecedented crisis.  Years of instability, a worsening economic situation, donor fatigue, and the COVID-19 pandemic have converged to place lives at risk, with women and girls continuing to bear the brunt of these challenges. With no political solution to the crisis in sight, the situation is a stark reminder that the international community must continue to support the needs with innovative programmes.

Even before COVID-19, the combination of years of geopolitical unrest, severe economic collapse, and the disintegration of social and protection networks had rendered the challenges substantial and the needs high. COVID-19 has directly and disproportionately jeopardized women’s social and economic capabilities globally and it is not different in the Syria crisis region. Meanwhile, the rapidly worsening economic crisis has exacerbated many of the risks faced by individuals, families, and com