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On 4 August, 2020,  at approximately 18h00 (local time), a warehouse at the Beirut Port containing large quantities of ammonium nitrate exploded. The initial explosion was followed by a much more substantial subsequent blast that caused widespread damage reportedly reaching more than 20 kilometres from the port area. As of August 11, the death toll from the incident stands at more than 170 and is continually rising as more bodies are recovered from the surrounding wreckage. More than 5,000 people were injured in the blast, with more than 300,000 displaced and dozens reported missing since the incident.


The Beirut Port explosion has created yet another large-scale crisis in a country that is in the midst of a serious economic crisis as well as the COVID-19 pandemic. To respond to these challenges, UNFPA is urgently appealing for US$ 19.65 million to provide lifesaving assistance and meet the emerging needs of those impacted by this crisis.


More details can be found in this Flash Appeal.