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The massive explosion that shook Beirut’s Port, almost 4 months ago, caused widespread damage  and it is becoming increasingly clear that Beirut and its population require time to heal its wounds. With over 80,000 properties damaged in the areas affected by the explosion and the arrival of winter and rain, it has become harder on the people of Beirut, many of whom are still awaiting for their houses to be rehabilitated.

On 12 November 2020, UNFPA, UNODC and UNESCO launched a joint youth-led initiative to promote youth engagement in supporting communities affected by the Beirut Port Explosion.  Out of 105 proposals, fifteen partners were selected  to implement innovative solutions such as: recycling; creating inclusive and green spaces; using drama and sports to  relay messages; educating young girls on expressing themselves through  film and new media; empowering youth to respond to the crises; healing psychological distress through play; developing online applications to reach out to the youth in need of innovative assistance; leveraging youth talents; adopting social innovations, social entrepreneurships and collective intelligence in the fight against corruption; and others. In order to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infections, all partners are taking extra precautionary measures throughout their activities, including engaging in virtual activities.