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No One Left Behind Contest

No One Left Behind!

We are inviting storytellers, social media influencers, and all digital creator to join the “No One Left Behind” contest. The contest theme will focus on Women with Disabilities in the Arab States Region. Create a short film displaying the struggles of mothers with disabilities in the region. The theme must align with UNFPA’s priorities—ensuring that every pregnancy is wanted, every childbirth is safe and every young person’s potential is fulfilled—and highlight the struggles of one of the most marginalized population within the region, if not the world.

To enter the contest:

Theme of film must show the struggle of mothers with disabilities in the region.

Short film/video cannot exceed 75 seconds.

Short film must be in Arabic

Short film is original work that was not submitted to any other contest

Short film must be present and produced during the contest

Participant must have a minimum of 10k followers on social media

Participant must be a holder of Arab state citizenship and reside in the region

UNFPA-ASRO will own Copy Rights to winning short films.



Participants will post films on their social media platforms, tag UNFPA-ASRO accounts (Twitter: @UNFPA_Arabic, Facebook/Instagram: @UNFPAArabic) 

and use the hashtags #HerStory and حكايتها#

The top three short films with the most impressions (likes, shares, and comments), will be reviewed and selected by a panel.

Contest winner will speak at one of UNFPA-ASRO’s upcoming events—UNFPA ASRO will cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Contest winner will be featured on UNFPA-ASRO website, social media platforms.

2nd and 3rd place winners’ entries will be showcased on UNFPA ASRO social media platforms.


Contest’s duration: December 3rd to December 13th.

Contest winner will be announced December 16th


** UNFPA-ASRO reserves the right to disqualify any entry or entrant that violates the contest rules or that adversely affects the fairness or the legitimate operation of the contest.***

**UNFPA-ASRO reserves the right to disqualify false Submissions or Submissions suspected of being false or fraudulent***