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Baghdad, Iraq, 16 May 2016 – The United Nations Population Fund in cooperation with its national partner, United Iraqi Medical Society for relief and development and funded by the Japanese Government, opened two new reproductive health clinics at kilo 18 and kilo 50 camps, in Al Wafaa sub district. The two new reproductive health clinics will be serving more than 1100 families in both camps which upscale the total Reproductive Health services provided by UNFPA reaching more than 90,000 families, both IDPs and host communities, through three delivery rooms in Amryiat Al Fallujah, Habbaniyeh and Khaldiya, in the Anbar Governorate.

In April 11, 2016 a massive wave of displacement of families to kilo 50 camp took place, where around 1500 family were evacuated from Heet district to Al-Wafaa sub District adding to the 3,500 IDPs that were one month earlier relocated to the camp coming from Al-Rutba, Al-Qaem and Heet districts. In response to this acute emergency situation, UNFPA established 2 Reproductive health clinics providing the gynaecological and obstetrical consultations regularly to the women, and coordinating with Anbar Directorate of Health for referral of the emergency cases and birth cases to UNFPA-supported delivery room in Al-Khaldiya and Al-Khalidiya hospital by providing ambulance support.

Through the new Reproductive Health clinics in kilo 18 and kilo 50, UNFPA has been providing pre and postnatal care consultations, gynecological consultations, family planning services, referral to safe delivery services. During the first three weeks of operations of the new Reproductive Health clinics, more than 420 women benefited from gynecological consultations services, around 80 pre and postnatal care checkups were also provided, as well as the provision of family planning services to around 30 families.

UNFPA Iraq established its first Reproductive health clinic in Anbar Governorate at June 2015. By the end of April 2016, UNFPA has succeeded in providing Reproductive health services to more than 25,000 female IDPs, including 1100 safe deliveries, in Amryiat Al-Fallujah as well as Al- Habbaniya and Al- Khaldiya districts in Anbar governorate. The services provided by the three UNFPA-supported Reproductive Health clinics in Anbar includes, gynecological consultations as well as post-natal care and family planning services to Internally Displaced families.