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More than Numbers” presents an overview of the situation of Syrian women and girls. It provides an introduction to gender-based violence during emergencies, the forms of gender-based violence in Syria and neighbouring countries, the contributing factors and the impact it is having on individuals, families and communities. It includes a list of recommendations and challenges that may help in designing strategies and programmes to better address gender-based violence and influence changes of cultural norms.

“More than Numbers” is a reference tool for all sectors of the humanitarian community and a potential source for advocacy and planning for the prevention of and response to gender-based violence.

“More than Numbers” is based on assessments, studies and research relating to gender-based violence.

“More than Numbers” lists the contributing factors that may increase the risk of gender-based violence in the Syrian context, but at the same time, there are many other factors that remain hidden.

“More than Numbers” shows the impact that gender-based violence may have on the individual as well as the family and community, based on facts and data.

“More than Numbers” shares quotes from Syrian women and girls that have been collected, through individual interviews or group discussions inside and outside the country.

“More than Numbers” reminds us that behind every number there is a woman, girl, man, or boy that must not be forgotten.