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In Yemen, humanitarian needs continue to stagger despite peace efforts. The country is in the midst of a protracted political, humanitarian and developmental crisis. More than 24 million people, 80 percent of the population require assistance, including 4.3 million internally displaced people. Women and children make up 76 per cent of those displaced and are paying the heaviest price, as in most humanitarian crises. There are an estimated 6 million women and girls of childbearing age who need support. Rising food shortages have left an estimated 1 million pregnant women malnourished, and threaten the lives of 144,000 women who are likely to develop complications during childbirth, including risks of stunted growth of their newborns. UNFPA is the sole provider of reproductive health supplies in Yemen; leads the gender-based violence sub-cluster and the UN Rapid Response Mechanism providing immediate emergency relief to new displaced persons.

For more information, visit the Yemen emergency dashboad.