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10 December 2018

New Study on Gender Justice & the Law in the Arab States Region: Challenges persist as Arab Countries advance on Laws affecting Gender Equality

Beirut, 10 December 2018 – Many Arab countries have introduced positive legislative reforms that promote gender equality and protect women from violence. Yet guaranteeing equality before the law remains a persistent challenge across the region. This was the consensus of over 150 gender experts, activists; legislators, jurists

7 December 2018

An interview with, Krishanti Dharmaraj, Executive Director of the Center for Women Global Leadership

Jourdnalists play a fundamental role in amplifying the voices of women and girls and pushing the limitations of silence around issues relating to gender-based violence. This role becomes even more critical during humanitarian emergencies. Since 2014, UNFPA, the United Nations sexual and reproductive health agency, has been

2 December 2018

Starting over: Khadija's story of survival

Morocco- More than 10 years into her marriage, Khadija, who is now divorced, recalls how she left her home under threats of death. “I was forced to leave home with my baby in my hands”. With no education, or employment, Khadija had to live without resources, when domestic violence at home became life-threatening. “No girl



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