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12 June 2018

Statement by Regional Director for Arab States on the Situation in Hodeidah

We are extremely alarmed by latest escalation of violence in Yemen, most recently in the port city of Hodeidah, one of the country’s most densely populated areas. In the event of military escalation or siege of the...

3 June 2018

A turning point for girls' and women’s menstrual health in Africa

“I felt embarrassed to be a girl and felt like it was a punishment,” recalled 13-year-old Faith, describing her first period.

23 May 2018

Time to end obstetric fistula: a song for survivors

On Wednesday, the world will observe the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula, which calls for action to end the marginalization and inequality that perpetuate this preventable injury.



Year on year, millions of women and adolescents in 155 countries and territories have...
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