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Taking a stand against early marriage - The story of Raneem - Photo essay
  • Raneem moved to Lebanon with her family three years ago. She has been coming to the UNFPA-supported youth centre for six months. “The knowledge I am getting has changed my life.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I will only never allow my daughter to get married before I am one hundred percent sure she can handle such a responsibility. For now, I still see her as a child.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I managed to convince two of my friends who were going to get married young to wait, and they did.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I tell my friends that getting married early will deprive them from childhood. They will have a wedding dress but their lives will be destroyed.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I had told Raneem so many times about the responsibilities that come with marriage. Can a child handle all that?” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “Here we have become one big family. I know most of these young people because I reach out to them to explain to them what I myself have learnt” says Raneem. © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “It’s one thing to have a wedding dress and a party, another to face your daily duties as a wife and mother” says Um Abdo. © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “Even my son, he will only get married when he is mature enough to hold responsibilities of his own actions” says Abo Abdo, Raneem’s father. © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “When I broke off my engagement at age 16 people considered me divorced! It was awful, so I swore I would not do that to my daughter,” says the mother. © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “Three of my eight sisters got divorced; they all got married young and had no say. I will never do this to my daughters” says Abo Abdo (Raneem’s father) © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab