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In the Syrian Arab Republic:

315,916 reproductive health services delivered to Syrians.

13,475 deliveries supported, including Caesarean-section deliveries.

7,751 gender-based violence response services provided to Syrians.

16,405 women accessed women safe spaces.

6,475 dignity kits distributed.

7 reproductive health kits distributed through United Nations Convoys from Damascus Hub to hard-to-reach areas.

UNFPA launched the second phase of youth innovation project in Homs.

In neighboring countries affected by the crisis:

17,272 reproductive health services delivered to Syrian refugees.

5,405 Syrian refugees benefited from reproductive health related messages through outreach and awareness activities.

1,198 gender-based violence related services delivered.

9,990 Syrian refugee boys and girls accessed women safe spaces and participated in activities in camps and host communities.

UNFPA launched new youth centre in cooperation with its implementing partner (TOG) at Diyarbakır, Turkey.

Two women-safe spaces in Idlib, Syria, started activities, as a result of cross-border efforts from Turkey.