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Mother and Child say NO to child marriage in Zaatari - Photo essay
  • “I live with my mother and siblings in Zaatari. I go to school and encourage all my friends to study.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “We give awareness sessions to girls in schools about their health and the benefits of continuing with their education. We tell them what can happen to those who drop out and start a family.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “Despite the circumstances and the pressures, education is the priority. Education is a weapon, a diploma is a weapon.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “If an entire family lives in one caravan, the mother, the father and several children, then it is easier to give one child to another family as a bride. “Let the girl get married, let her husband spend on her.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “The girls that are in schools are the ones most likely not to get married. When a girl gets an education and a diploma and has a chance to get a good job, instead of a husband who controls her.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “God help those who don’t have an income but for me, my certificate my diploma was really my weapon and I was able to use it here in the camp.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “Getting pregnant at a young age can be very dangerous for a girl because her body is really weak and not yet ready to carry a baby. Miscarriages are frequent but the girls keep trying until they have a baby.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “My friend was really good in school and she wanted to study but the day she got pregnant they [her family] took her out of school.“ © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “The family has a big role in the decision as many parents tell their children that marriage is a better destiny for them in the middle of this uncertainty we are living in.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “Girls back in Syria sometimes married young too, but we see it happening much more frequently here.” says the mother, who got married at age 19 herself. © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab

  • “The percentage of youth that are out of school and not studying is very high here in the camp, because they feel they have no future anyway.” © UNFPA Jordan/Sima Diab