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How can a child raise a child? - The story of Mohamed - Photo essay
  • “I am from Damascus and have been in Lebanon for four years, I have escaped the conflict and live with my family here” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I suddenly realized that getting married came with a price tag: I would be the primary caretaker and should provide for the house.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “Early marriage can harm us as guys too, if we are suddenly thrown into the responsibility of providing for a family and raising children.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I do not want to learn one thing and then do another. I am troubled about the difficulties that we might face if we get married early.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “I work on convincing my friends, people my age, of the damaging consequences of early marriage and having children too soon and frequently.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “We use theater techniques to help us express our doubts and to allow me to explain to my peers things like the consequences of early marriage.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “My view of things really changed after I have become part of this Young Peer group. I look at my future differently, I want to build myself first.” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab

  • “Now that I know how bad early marriage and early pregnancy are for a woman’s health, how can I contribute to endangering my fiancée’s life?” © UNFPA Lebanon/Sima Diab