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Egypt: a young woman’s battle against FGM - The story of Shaimaa - Photo essay
  • "I attended a training on the consequences of FGM and decided to fight against it. It is sometimes difficult to talk to young men and women about the harmful effects of FGM, but I love my work and will continue doing it." © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “I will soon be the happy mother of a baby girl. My husband and I agree that we will not have our daughter circumcised.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • Shaimaa and Sabreen are best friends. They met at a training session on FGM organized by UNFPA and Y-PEER in Assiut. © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “These are my fellow trainers. We all work together at the Shabab Baladna [youth of our country] organization in our town.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “Our role is to educate the parents of tomorrow. We need them on our side, as anti-FGM advocates in their families and communities.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “We dissociate FGM from religion, as it is not dictated by any religion. We educate people about health, their bodies and anatomy; we talk about social norms and medical aspects.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “The best advocates for the elimination of FGM are female trainers who have been circumcised and have suffered from its physical and psychological consequences.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “I will continue working on raising awareness on FGM to help eliminate this harmful practice.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “Some parents decide not to have their daughters cut but do not say it publicly to avoid condemnation. Social pressure is huge, but we continue with our work.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab

  • “When young men start arguing, I know that they are open to discussions.” © UNFPA Egypt/Sima Diab