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9 inspiring women from the Arab region you need to know
  • Kis Shamis Kabdi Bile, a police officer in Puntland, pushed for the application of a recently approved sexual offenses law. Kis is a great advocate of women’s issues particularly fighting impunity related to sexual gender based violence.

  • Saida Idrissi is Moroccan women’s rights advocate who devotes most of her time to raising awareness among women and young people on gender equality and gender-based violence.

  • “Some of my female patients imagine that the intrauterine device is really big and that it will damage and scratch the uterus.” Dr. Hiba Al Mallah is fighting miscoceptions about family planning, common among Syrian refugees in Jordan. 

  • Aisha Barki  is the founder and president of the Algerian Literacy Association IQRAA, where affiliated adult literacy centers across Algeria include teaching women life skills, promoting women’s rights and working on the prevention of GBV.

  • Asila Al-Harrassi believes that “youth is where the change begins." As a UNFPA Y-Peer leader in Oman, she has been advocating for the rights of young women that is where she sees the potential for real change. 

  •  Raja Abdullah Almasabi is a Yemeni human rights advocate specializing in women, gender and disability rights. Raja is a woman with disability and she has been advocating for years for for years for integrating the rights of people with special needs.

  • “Self-examination can save your life.” Wafa Ilwan suffered for three years from breast cancer but used her experience to reach out to women in her own village of Sinjil, in the West Bank, Palestine to raise awareness and advocate for seeking medical care.

  • Intisar Aladhi is the founder and president of the All Girls Foundation for Development in Yemen, an organization that aims to empower youth, especially young women, by building their capacity to become agents of social development in their communities.

  • “For these women, sewing this piece of cloth feels like knitting their own lives together and heals their wounds”. Haneen Ali is a sewing trainer at the UNFPA-supported women centre in the Debaga camp, Iraq. She is supporting displaced women.